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A sanctuary of unique beauty on the southern bank of the meandering river Suir, Woodstown Bay sports an unsoiled sable strand, fringed by ancient deciduous woodland, overlooking the azure, plankton rich waters of the unpolluted Irish Sea. This unique sanctuary has been the home of a particularly exquisite oyster, indigenous to these secluded shores, for centuries.

Woodstown Bay Shellfish Limited, with its long established family run, sea faring traditions, now brings these exquisite fruits of the Irish Sea, in unprecedented quantities and uncompromising quality to the global market. Our family run business has developed its own cutting edge, innovative technology, that allows for maximum yield with a harvesting system that ensures exceptional freshness, and minimal impact on the marine eco system.

From seedlings to maturity, these bivalve molluscs receive first rate care, from turning, to cleaning, to keeping low density beds- therefore allowing for maximum nourishment and exposure to the penetrating plankton rich waters.

The result is fleshy, corpulent oysters, exclusive to our farms, on this stretch of wild pristine coastline, that thrive in a pelagic habitat of near perfect conditions. Sweet, with a complex and unexpected flavour of creamy unctuousness; these oysters invoke a myriad of taste sensations that will both delight and enchant the palate.

Throughout maturation, our unwavering attention to detail safeguards their international reputation as some of the world’s finest Oysters. Sought after by gourmands, celebrated in festivals and gracing the tables of the more discerning International restaurants, these pearlescent molluscs are without doubt of exceptional quality and calibre.

With our unwavering focus on quality, painstaking attention to detail, allegiance to the rich biodiversity of the Irish shores, and in the constant pursuance of procuring only the very best, Woodstown Bay Shellfish Limited can boast an immaculate international reputation, and are the largest mass producers of the very finest oysters from Irish waters.